Are You Creating Wealth Or Just Wasting Time?

Are You Creating Wealth Or Just Wasting Time?

That’s an important question that I want you to think about, but in a certain way . . .

I’ve been doing this too long and have helped, consulted, and seen the results of too many people to not see where people get lost.

Most people I’ve spoken to are more into building and chasing a dream than really building a business.

See . . .

A simple fact is, my business grows everyday.

But, some of the people I meet and gave advice to years ago are still chasing a dream, the question is . . .

What’s the difference?

The difference is I get things done. I test. I take my knocks. I get better.

They move from company to company looking for magic or the right sponsor or the right timing.

I jump head first into the pond and start swimming to the other side.

They dip their toe in, shiver and say “the water is too cold” and look for another pond to dip their toe in.

Now this is an analogy, but here’s what toe dipping sounds like in the real world . . .

“I’m in three businesses because I want to diversify my portfolio”

“I just got started with this new business and the product is amazing” (after saying the same thing two months ago)

“This time it’s gonna work”

“You mean I have to buy something else too?”

Etc . . .

Here’s what toe dipping looks like in action:

Fearing to REALLY do marketing and so you stick to the free stuff that doesn’t work.

Hanging out in traffic exchanges and forums all day

Asking your sponsor questions that you know if you just put your mind to it you could figure out yourself.

Getting pissed when you sponsor isn’t there at your every beckon call.

Etc . . .

If you have these thoughts or act in these ways you’re dream building and wasting time and NOT building a business.

This is fine, but when you’re ready to create results you need to stop doing these things and simply get to work.

Anything else is simply a waste of time.

For More Information Watch This Short Clip:

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